All Two Million Alike

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You squeeze though a narrow gap in the rock and gasp at the sight before you. The entire room is filled with what at first apears to be a delicate frost, but on closer inspection turns out to be a snowlike crystalline coating of the finest degree. It's clear as you shine your light around the room that nothing must have come back here in ages, because even your slightest motions are causing crystal flakes to drift down from the ceiling.

You take a minute to appreciate the beauty of this hidden treasure, watching the sparkling flakes as they float gently through the air, falling, softly falling, on you and the rest.

You note with a trancelike calmness that some of the crystals seem to be dissolving onto your clothes and skin, and feel yourself suffused with a newfound understanding of the universe. You gain 10 intellect.



  • One time adventure.
  • Occurs as the fifth and final adventure in one of the 12 "clock" caves.