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Item Number: 247
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Astral Stock Exchange software
Plural: CDs of Astral Stock Exchange
This software allows you to play a very strange game called Astral Stock Exchange (ASX for short). ASX is just like the real stock market, only way more fun! In this game the stars ... the shining sparks that dazzle us ... heavenly bodies ... you know, astronomical objects--are used as investment tools. Buy shares of your favorite stars and the galaxies they sit in. Prices soar with stellar formation and plummet with a nova that everyone can see.

Invest in the stars on Orion's belt (there's no galaxy there, you know). Short sell a pulsar in M31. Make a fortune on the quasar futures market, or risk astronomical sums speculating on dark matter or the debut of the cosmic background radiation.

When you join ASX you're given one thousand astro-chips to start your investment. Invest wisely and you can be be a blue-chip giant of the galaxy. Choose poorly and you'll burn out and fade away like a brown dwarf.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 35

Earn "chips" on the ASX
(Requires Computer)

How Obtained

Assemble.gif financial spreadsheet code signal processing code
Equals.gif Astral Stock Exchange software

When Used

If you don't have a computer:

You don't have a computer set up to run this software. You might want to check out the electronics shop by the University.

If you don't have it installed:

You pop in the CD and install the software. It's now available at your Computer Lab.

If you already have it installed:

You already have a copy of this software installed. One should be plenty.


  • Using the software and running it on a computer gives Astral Stock Exchange - ∞ as an effect.
  • A retcon causes you to lose all your current ASX points and start again from scratch.
  • After gathering about 3000 ASX points, you will receive sunglasses as a free gift.
  • After gathering about 5000 ASX points, you will receive binoculars as a free gift.