Asylumbreak! Battle of Shiloh

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1. Visiting Twilight Police Department after reaching level 13 and completing the level 11 quest gets you:

Rand brings himself closer to you, close enough you can smell the cheap coffee on his breath and see the bags under his eyes. "Shiloh Sanatarium's a problem... a big problem. There've been some breakouts... folks you may know."

He leans back a little bit. "The orderlies say everything's okay, though, so maybe it's okay. I didn't even know they had orderlies."

This adds the following journal message:

Officer Rand has informed you, in confidence, that Shiloh Sanatarium has lost track of a lot of patients... including some you've faced off against before. But apparently the orderlies say everything is okay.

Wait... they have orderlies?

2. Equip either a ZOM exoskeleton or both a ZOM shirt and ZOM pants, get a source of flying, and equip a gas mask or a steam mask. Adventure in Shiloh Sanatarium until you encounter an orderly, and choose to follow her. This unlocks Shiloh Sanatarium (zone), and updates the journal entry to:

You've found a secret facility under Shiloh Sanatarium. It's still being excavated, but it should be done at some point.

3. Obtain the spare lab key by completing the puzzle at the Goldbergium Door. This updates the journal entry to:

You found a secret facility under Shiloh Sanatarium and built a contraption to get the key to the Goldbergium Door. Now, to deal with whatever's behind it.

4. Patrol at the Goldbergium Door and defeat ZOMicron. This update the journal entry to:

You've dealt with the ZOMicron behind the Goldbergium Door, but its creator fled during the fight. You're pretty sure she was headed towards the Triassic Park and Bestiary.

5. Patrol at the Triassic Park and Bestiary and defeat ZOMega. This update the journal entry to:

You defeated Doctor Zomadeus and her massive ZOMega, but you should probably check in with Officer Rand. After all, you did sort of leave her with the police. Might as well make sure they didn't send her back to Shiloh or something.

6. Visiting the Twilight Police Department gives:

Rand looks excited, but you've known him long enough to pick up a little worry underneath. "We've got Dr. Zomadeus in custody, just trying to figure out where to put her. Shiloh obviously can't hold her and... well, I doubt the lady's pen upstate would do much better. Chief's talking about maybe buying an island somewhere, but I think he just wants to go fishing."

He gives you a weak grin at his joke, then sighs. "You did good. If we're having this much trouble keeping ahold of her, you deserve double the credit for bringing her in. Keep up the good work."

The following is added to the Completed Quests section:

You defeated the ZOMega and brought its master back to Officer Rand. Shiloh is still a pretty weird place, but at least you kept her from using more of its patients towards her nefarious ends.