Bowl of oil

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Item Number: 609
Description ID: 8078059
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bowl of oil
Plural: bowls of oil
This is a little ceramic bowl filled partway up with oil. It may not look like much, but rumor has it that it'll go a long way.

Offhand Item
Item cannot be auto-sold

How Obtained

One bowl was given to each player by Ryme as a gift for Hanukkah, 2008. The message said:

There's always so much going on around Christmas and it's hard to compete, so how does everyone feel about doing Hanukkah this year instead? Here, have some oil. I hear that's traditional, or something.

Seriously, though, I hope you're having a happy holidays!


Included item: bowl of oil (quantity 1)Bowl-of-oil.gif

When Used

  • Gadgeteer

You run the oil product through a series of cookers and distillers until you can't think of any other machinery to apply. When you're done you've got quite a mess.

You got an item: glob of tar Glob-of-tar.gif

  • Elemental

You look at the oil product for all of two seconds before deciding it would be better if it was on fire. Whoosh!

You got an item: ball of fire Ball-of-fire.gif

  • Naturalist

You tap into the spirit of Apis mellifera--that's honey bee to the rest of us--and somehow convert the oil product into a ball of wax. It involves a lot of chewing and spitting, which is a little icky, but you try not to think about it.

You got an item: ball of wax Ball-of-wax.gif

  • Psion

You think long and hard about the best use for the oil product, and eventually settle on dividing it up into a series of piles, purifying it, and then adding a selection of dyes.

You got an item: oil paints Oil-paints.gif