Candy shell

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Item Number: 1512
Description ID: 6721260
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candy shell
Plural: bottles of candy shell
This is a bottle of colored liquid sugar. When exposed to air it will harden into a colorful but completely flavorless candy shell. It's good for people who don't care what their candy tastes like, or when the tasty inside candy is so visually unappealing it'll be improved by being coated in a shell of primary color.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 108
Contains sugar (1)

How Obtained

Teeter Street

When Consumed

You squeeze the melted candy shell directly into your mouth. It's just sugar and food coloring. It doesn't taste like much, but in a weird way the lack of flavor makes it seem pretty icky.

Clock-white.gif Bedtime: +9-11 minutes

Using multiple: Same as single use

Other Uses