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The Seven Armaments of Destiny are special pieces of equipment delivered by the Fickle Hand of Fate (# 34923) to a worthy hero once per day. A player may only have one, and it only lasts for a single day. When a player receives one, they get the following message with the armament included:

The Fickle Hand of Fate has determined, for this day only, that you are deserving of this remarkable weapon. Use it wisely, for tomorrow it will move on to a new owner.

Fate has neither patience nor pity: if you don't receive this message until after a day has passed, you will find this message to be empty.

The specific method for getting one of the armaments will be on the weapon's specific page (once it's spaded).

Also, instead of the typical

Attack with your [weapon]

that appears in combat, these the attack button reads

Attack with [weapon]

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