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Auras can only be cast on oneself. Their default duration is 30 minutes, which can be increased by wearing items that increase aura duration. These include Intellectual Headband (+10%), Gloam's Blindfold (+10%), or Orb of Insight (+20%).

Much like normal buffs, auras can be shaken off via the character sheet.

The number of concurrent auras depends on the level. If you try to cast an aura when you already have the maximum number of auras running you get the error message:

You already have as many auras active as you can handle at your level.

The number of concurrent auras allowed is:

Number of auras Level for Psion Level for others
1 1-5 1-7
2 6-11 8-15
3 12-17 16-23
4 18-23 24-31
5 24+ 32+

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