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This perky cheerleader never stops. Seriously, you are beginning to wonder if letting your sidekick learn this skill was a good idea. While having someone cheer for you constantly is good for morale, it can be distracting. At least the loud cheering occasionally hurts the ears of your enemies...
Level cap: 20

How Obtained

Full-time sidekick.
Obtained from: robotic cheerleader


Ability: Increases Foe Level and deals Sonic Damage


At the start of combat:

  • <name> starts talking you up to your opponent. That's never good.
  • <name> flicks your opponent with a pom-pom.

Every round after:

  • <name> loses track of the cheer in all the fighting. And this is why cheerleaders practice all the time.
  • <name> cheers "give me an <player name letter>!" so loudly it deals X damage.
  • <name> cheers "go <player name>!" so loudly it deals X damage.
  • <name> cheers so loudly it deals X damage.


  • X is ?