Computer Graveyard

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One of the back rooms is stacked from floor to ceiling with old computers. Probably the computer is too cheap and/or lazy to recycle the old boxes and just dumps them in here. Most of the systems are 10-year-old junk, but off to one side is a stack of really unusual equipment--a trilowatt computer. They were a curious experimental model from a couple of decades ago, and nowadays they're a bit of a collector's item and hobbyist's dream.


  • Snag one for the lab
  • Forget it and leave

Pick One


If you chose Snag one for the lab:


Can't Have Enough Spare Parts
There's no such thing as too many spare parts, even for ancient and half-forgotten technology. You help yourself to one of the trilowatt units and drag it back to the lab.

You got an item: trilowatt computer Trilowatt.gif

If you chose Forget it and leave:


Skip It
Deciding dinosaur-aged tech should stay extinct, you make like a meteor and get out of there really, really quickly.

  • Does not consume time.