Cotton candy apple

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Item Number: 927
Description ID: 343444333
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cotton candy apple
Plural: cotton candy apples
The name on this thing is a bit misleading, as it's not made of cotton candy, nor is the candy apple edible. It's a cotton patch (not the field, but a patch made out of cotton) in the shape and colors of a candy apple, which is a nice fall kind of thing. Not like nice fall in the "have a nice trip" kind of fall, but as in autumn. The season, not the girl's name.

2009 2-Year Anniversary Prize

Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+5 Intellect

How Obtained

Gift item for TH's 2 year anniversary and was only awarded to people who logged in on Halloween 2009.
It arrived in a message that said:

Please accept this small gift as thanks for celebrating Twilight's anniversary with me yesterday. I hope everyone had fun, I know I did. Should be great stuff coming all month, so keep checking back in.


  • The items keeps the tradition of American Wedding anniversary gifts, paper for the first year and cotton for the second.
  • Candy apple is also traditional for Halloween, which occurs a day before the anniversary. Cotton candy is another sweet treat.