Frusion neodymium beads set

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Item Number: 1478
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frusion neodymium beads set
Plural: frusion neodymium beads set
Found in a questionable section of Hyde Park, the Frusion Neodymium Beads are an executive toy made up of little rare earth magnets that have been infused with bizarre frusion energy. This doesn't really change anything, but it sure makes them neato-keen. They're still tucked away neatly in their original packaging, with all the beads packed into a cube shape.

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be auto-sold

How Obtained

Two sets were given to each player on the 26th of December 2010. The message said:

It wouldn't be the holidays without embracing the tradition of belated presents, and along with that tradition comes the parallel tradition of overpaying to try to make up for it. In other words: sorry the annual gift is late, so here's two to make up for it. This has been a fantastic year for Twilight Heroes, what with retcon and the mall. Whether you're enthusiastic new players or returning old players or long-time participants, thank you all for being here to make it that much more fun for everyone.


Included item: frusion neodymium beads set (quantity 2)Frusion-cube.gif

When Used

You spend some time playing with the beads and assemble something that feels natural and suited to your skills.

  • Elemental

You got an item: frusion neoscepter Frusion-scepter.gif

  • Gadgeteer

You got an item: frusion neoscope Frusion-telescope.gif

  • Naturalist

You got an item: frusion neoleash Frusion-leash.gif

  • Psion

You got an item: frusion neoorb Frusion-orb.gif