Garcia's Traffic Avoider software

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Item Number: 641
Description ID: 1686818
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Garcia's Traffic Avoider software
Plural: disks of Garcia's Traffic Avoider software
If you prefer the solitude of empty streets to the congestion of traffic jams--and who doesn't?--then this piece of software is guaranteed-well, at least five percent more likely--to lead you to your preference. And that's better than zero percent by far, isn't it? Well, assuming you consider five to be far.

Miscellaneous Item
Autosell value: 35

Increased chance of noncombat adventures.*
(Requires Computer)

* Combat and noncombat chances can only be increased up to a maximum of 20% in either direction.

How Obtained

Assemble.gif signal processing code city map code
Equals.gif Garcia's Traffic Avoider software

When Used

If you don't have a computer:

You don't have a computer set up to run this software. You might want to check out the electronics shop by the University.

If you don't have it installed:

You pop in the CD and install the software. It's now available at your Computer Lab.

If you already have it installed:

You already have a copy of this software installed. One should be plenty.


  • Using the software and running it on a computer gives Garcia's Traffic Avoider - ∞ as an effect.