Genuinely gallant garter

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Item Number: 2447
Description ID: 82894869
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genuinely gallant garter
Plural: genuinely gallant garter snakes
This lace garter isn't just for holding up your stockings. It also has a history long and storied enough to inspire an entire order of knights! In fact, there's only one garter, so unless you're just wearing one stocking, it's basically just the knight thing.

You feel better armored already!

2014 8-Year Anniversary Prize

Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+5 defense

How Obtained

Gift item for TH's 8 year anniversary and was only awarded to people who logged in on Halloween 2015.
It arrived in a message that said:

Here's to Twilight's 8th Anniversary! Thanks to you all for sharing those years with us.