Gloam's Blindfold

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Item Number: 1266
Description ID: 5497012
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Gloam's Blindfold
Plural: Gloam's Blindfolds
Gloam is somewhat unique among Twilight's golden era heroes as quite a bit is known about him. Before his life as a crime fighter, he was a well-regarded linguistics professor at University Heights. After a late night accident while he was visiting Mecha Nist, he gained awesome mind-based powers. Because of his friendship with Mecha, he was able to get a surprisingly high-tech costume that he used while battling the criminal element. He had a very public falling out with Mecha after one of the university's dorms was crushed by a giant robot, and the two never talked again. Not long after, Gloam retired from being a superhero and was last seen heading back to the old country.

This blindfold is all that remains from his heroing days. While most people would question the wisdom of adventuring when you can't see, Gloam felt that it deeply enhanced his existing supernatural powers, allow him "sight beyond sight," as he called it. Regardless, it's overflowing with psychic potential which should aid anyone wishing to follow in his footsteps.

Power: 60
Level Required: 9
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+10% to the duration of auras
+10 foe toughness.
+20% psychic damage resistance

How Obtained

Purchased at Nocturne's Shop for 12 mettle.


  • Requires completion of a Psion retcon with 11 mettle to be unlocked.


  • "Sight beyond sight" is a reference to an ability imparted by Lion-O's Sword of Omens in ThunderCats.