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Item Number: 1816
Description ID: 25796430
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glowing lump
Plural: glowing lumps
Nothing says "Christmas" like a lump of unidentifiable matter, glowing with a festive green light. Ingredients of the lump include enriched holiday cheer and a glowing substance that fell to Earth, presumably from Santa's reindeer.

Offhand Item
Autosell value: 20

How Obtained

Two lumps were given to each player by Kinak as a gift for Christmas, 2011. The message said:

Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas, Twilight!

In the long tradition of giving out fuel to warm those long winter nights, we have a special gift. I hope your holidays are safe and happy.

Included item: glowing lump (quantity 1)Glowinglump.jpg

When Used

  • Naturalist

You apply your massive muscles to their natural task: squashing things. In this case it makes a rather festive plate. So that's where Partyware comes from.
You got an item: Partyware plate Partyware.jpg

  • Gadgeteer

Well, when a mysterious substance falls into your hands what could you do besides building a gadget around it. It's hard to say what it might actually do, other that spit fire, so you just call it "The Gadget."
You got an item: The Gadget Thegadget.gif

  • Psion

You connect mind to... well, mysterious glowing substance. It's certainly better than a correspondance course, but now the little guy insists on wearing a mortarboard everywhere.
You got an item: enriched lump Enrichedlump.jpg

  • Elemental

You try to convert the glowing lump into something bizarre and harmless with your powers over the elements. It works... but not quite how you were expecting.
You got an item: glowing plum Glowingplum.jpg


There was a bug with the automation dealing with the sending of this gift, so every player got two by mistake.


  • Happy Fun Ball is another product made with a glowing substance that fell to Earth.

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