Gwneuthurwr Deganau's hunllef puzzle

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Gwneuthurwr Deganau's hunllef puzzle
Plural: Gwneuthurwr Deganau's hunllef puzzles
Gwenuthurwr Deganau is a now-forgotten villain who used to terrorize Twilight with his fiendish toy army and mind-bending puzzles. One of the few Welsh villains ever to make it this far outside his native land, he was put into Shiloh Sanatarium for good decades ago by Mind-Like-Steel-Trap Man, who then also faded into obscurity, possibly because there weren't enough dastardly riddles to keep him in business, but probably because of the utter silliness of his name.

This leftover relic is a cube made up of a 5x5 rotating puzzle grid of smaller cubes, with six distinct colors, one for each side when the puzzle is complete. It supposedly provides great power to anyone who can solve even one of its sides, but in truly fiendish fashion it actively scrambles itself after a certain amount of time. This means you have to not only be persistent, but fast. Few have the intellect to ever solve more than one side at a time.

April 2010 Item of the Month

Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

Bestows a bewildering bounty of beneficial bonuses in combat.

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars


At the beginning of combat, you will sometimes receive one of the following:

Pantsfire.gif Just before the fight, you catch on to the pattern and snap all of the sky blue pieces together into one side. It's a pretty, contemplative blue. The kind you could watch all day from your porch.

Pantsfire.gif Right before you have to fight, you manage to solve one side of the puzzle. It glows a warm, bloody crimson.

Pantsfire.gif A deft series of twists lines up all of the green squares on the puzzle. That side of the cube glows with a sickly, stomach-roiling bile green.

Pantsfire.gif Not to be distracted from your puzzle-solving by something as mundane as a fight, you take a final moment to compile all the tangerine colored pieces. It puts off a caustic aroma that appears to bother your opponent, even though it doesn't really cause you any distress.

Pantsfire.gif With a couple of quick twists, you manage to get all of the frosty snow white squares together, completing that one side. Good job! A chill gathers in the night air.

Pantsfire.gif All the lines fall into place, and you're richly rewarded with a solid golden yellow face on the cube. Nice.

Pantsfire.gif Wow, what luck! Somehow you manage to complete not just one side but three. The cube pulses as the snow, tangerine, and bile sections click together and start to glow. The combination of colors is a little disturbing, frankly, but quite powerful.

Pantsfire.gif Incredible! You were just going for one side of the cube, but in the process you've managed to solve the entire puzzle! You stare with awe at the beautiful fastidiousness of all six sides in perfect arrangement. It glows with a rainbow of colors: frosty snow white, warm crimson, pure sky blue, rich golden yellow, icky bile green, and caustic tangerine, all at once. Nicely done, hero; nicely done.

At the end of combat:

Pantsfire.gif Drat! During the fight the hunllef puzzle has reverted itself to its original scrambled state. Or possibly some other equally useless state. It's not really possible to tell, honestly.

If you solved the blue side:

Even though you didn't really notice until it was gone, that sky blue glow from the cube was truly beautiful. You pause a moment to contemplate it. You gain X XP.

If you solved the crimson side:

Still, the warm crimson light from the cube seems to have healed you while you were fighting. Funny how you're only noticing just now. You gain Y HP.

If you solved the entire puzzle:

As the last of the light from the cube fades, you pause for a moment trying to remember a little bit of the pattern that helped you solve it. Most of that knowledge is gone after the fight, but a little bit has stuck with you. You gain X XP. On top of that, the combined light from the cube has left you feeling unusually hale and hearty. That's good stuff. You gain Y HP.


  • When bought: The shopkeeper takes the 10 silver stars and hands you the most nightmarish (and most Welsh) puzzle cube you have ever seen.
  • When solving the blue side you gain 1*Level XP, capped at 10, after the battle.
  • When solving the crimson side you gain 2*Level HP, capped at 30, after the battle.
  • When solving the green side attacker takes 4+Level/4, cap 20 acid strike-back damage when they hit you
  • When solving the tangerine side a successful hit weakens your opponent.
  • When solving the white side it adds 10 ice damage.
  • When solving the yellow side you get some extra chips.
  • When solving three sides you get the effects for the white, tangerine and green effects.
  • When solving the entire puzzle you get all six effects, possibly without the level caps.


  • Gwneuthurwr Deganau's hunllef puzzle is Welsh for Toy maker's nightmare puzzle.
  • A nightmarish version of Professor's Cube.

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