Hidden Factory

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Hidden Factory
Location: Shiloh Sanatarium (zone)
Unlocks: during Asylumbreak! Battle of Shiloh
Combat %: unknown
Foe XP range: unspecified
ID: 78

Combat Adventures

cool ZOM-L

Item Drops: bag of matchheads, knockoff alien sunglasses,reinforced novelty scissors, water main

Experience Gained: 160

cybernetic ZOM-L

Item Drops: bucket and pulley, cybernetic mantle, reinforced novelty scissors, well-balanced teeter totter

Experience Gained: 165

malfunctioning ZOM-L

Item Drops: gigantic bicycle horn, leg on a hinge, red cryptonase, reinforced novelty scissors

Experience Gained: 150

One-Time Adventures

all-steel John Steele

Experience Gained: 200

Notes: Must be defeated before other foes appear.


  • Prior to 9 December 2015, attempting to patrol here yielded:

The area is still being excavated. Maybe you should come back later when Kinak... I mean, the cyborg workers, have had the chance to dig it out.