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Item Number: 554
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paper pumpkin pin
Plural: paper pumpkin pins
If you could convince Peter Piper to pick a peck of these paper pumpkin pins, you'd be partway to a particularly pernicious peccadillo of a tongue twister. It's an origami pumpkin turned into a pin, so you can wear the artwork. Paper, you might note, is a traditional material for first anniversary gifts. With this trend in mind, you can probably expect a cotton cabbage calendar next year.

2008 1-Year Anniversary Prize

Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+5 Strength

How Obtained

Gift item for TH's 1 year anniversary and was only awarded to people who logged in on Halloween 2008.
It arrived in a message that said:

Please accept this small gift as thanks for celebrating Twilight's anniversary with me yesterday. I was going to say something heartfelt and touching here about players and fun and the value of laughter and yadda yadda yadda, but that was too sappy. So, uh, thanks. Just thanks.



  • The description refers to the nursery rhyme Peter Piper.
  • The description refers to the traditional American Wedding anniversary gifts, paper for the first year and cotton for the second.
  • The pumpkin in use is a Jack-o'-lantern made for Halloween, which occurs a day before the anniversary.