Picture of a naturalist

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Message when used
Item Number: 1344
Description ID: 5045485
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picture of a naturalist
Plural: Unknown; currently impossible to determine
This is a picture of a naturalist at night. Which is to say, much like a polar bear in a snowstorm, you barely see anything. Only the glowing eyes stick out.

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item is a free pull while in a retcon run

Grants an avatar image when used. (Unlike the empty picture frame, this is a specific image, not an image of your choice.)

How Obtained

Purchased at Nocturne's Shop for 20 mettle

When Used



  • Requires completing a 16 mettle Naturalist run to unlock.
  • Unlocks the naturalist avatar: Naturalist.gif