Rain on Your Parade

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You're drawn by the sound of loud noises to a street parade. There's performers and fireworks, and lots of people in costume, including some of those long multi-person Chinese dragons. The parade is interesting, but nothing seems immediately amiss, and a light drizzle is starting to turn heavier.


  • Follow the parade
  • Duck and cover
  • Stay put


If you chose Follow the parade:


Follow the Parade
You tromp along with the parade, watching the fun and ignoring the light drizzle. Everyone behaves themselves pretty well, but you do find some unexploded fireworks.

You got an item: firecracker Firecracker.gif

If you chose Duck and cover:


Duck and Cover
It's a good thing you decide to take cover, because the drizzle turns into a brief but fierce desert downpour. You stay safely dry under an awning in front of a shop until things clear up. While it's pouring you take the opportunity to set out a jug (you've always got a spare container on you, and having the funnel handy is just luck) to catch some of the fresh rainwater.

You got an item: rainwater Space-mead.gif

If you chose Stay put:


Stay Put
You stay put and let the parade come to you. After it passes by, quiet slowly settles on the street again. Just when you're about to tell yourself "Forget it, Jake," a manhole cover near you pops open and a small squad of black-clad figures scurry out. You recognize the markings of one of the gangs in the area and give chase, rounding up a couple of the figures before the rest disappear into the night. You gain ?-40-90-? XP.



  • The text for the third choice refers to the famous movie quote "Forget it, Jake. It's Chinatown.".