Retry, Retry Again (Elemental)

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You try retry, figuring maybe the game will work itself out. Unfortunately, like that old Pete and RePete joke, you find yourself stuck in a perpetual loop. Apparently with this game there is no try, and there is no do. Only "not do" is an option. After about the twentieth retry, a different kind of "not do" breaks the monotony. The orange letters now read, "Hardware error: PC Error Fix."

Well, that's hardly useful. What hardware do you want to fix?

Attempt to realign electrons

Try to fry the hard drive


If you chose Attempt to realign electrons:


I'm Pro Ton, so Elect Tron!
It seems that there's something disastrously wrong with how the machine is working, so you decide to fix things. At a fundamental level. You're usually used to manipulating electricity on a grand scale (that is: lightning bolts), so this is considerably more difficult. You channel just a touch of electricity, trying to realign things in the machine, which almost instantly starts smoking. It doesn't seem to be working, but such fine manipulation of primal forces is really good practice. You gain X XP.


You gain 1 Intellect.

If you chose Try to fry the hard drive:


Zot, I Say Thee Zot!
You figure that the problem must be caused by a computer virus infecting the systems. And you know the quickest way to remove a virus is by wiping all the hard drives. You start walking around the machines, power crackling all over you, causing havoc with magnetic forces and doing a real number on the hard drives. It's kind of like stopping mold with napalm, but it works. One of the techs runs over and offers you some kind of reward if you'd just stop. Seems like a good deal.

You got an item: channeling grip Tacky-grip.gif


You got an item: energy cell Filter.gif


You got an item: metal club Icicle.gif


You got an item: mini Faraday cage Gyro-stabilizer.gif


You got an item: miscellaneous connectors Computer-cables.gif