Retry, Retry Again (Gadgeteer)

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You try retry, figuring maybe the game will work itself out. Unfortunately, like that old Pete and RePete joke, you find yourself stuck in a perpetual loop. Apparently with this game there is no try, and there is no do. Only "not do" is an option. After about the twentieth retry, a different kind of "not do" breaks the monotony. The orange letters now read, "Hardware error: PC Error Fix."

Well, that's hardly useful. What hardware do you want to fix?

Try to rebuild core components

Attempt to completely reprogram


If you chose Try to rebuild core components:


Perhaps This Would Work Better Over There ...
You think you know what the problem is, so you quickly have one of the core components stripped down into its base parts. You start to reassemble it, changing how everything is aligned. It doesn't really seem to make things work any better, but it's not worse, either. The practice gives you a feeling of accomplishment and reminds you of why you started being a Gadgeteer in the first place. You gain X XP.


You gain 1 reflexes.

If you chose Attempt to completely reprogram:


The Four Most Common Passwords Are ...
Before the techs even have a chance to get up from where they were sitting, you've managed to hack into the computer and start rewriting the code from the ground up. You get a little distracted and start programming in all sorts of in jokes and Monty Python references, so you don't get too far before one of the techs stops you. She hands you an item and asks you to leave so they can fix things. You're a little put out that they don't like your jokes, but the possibilities of the item are more interesting anyway.

You got an item: box of mini rockets Empty-tank.gif


You got an item: insulation Insulation.gif


You got an item: micronized guidance system Overclocking-chip.gif


You got an item: reinforced boots Hiking-boots.gif


You got an item: ultra-condensed fuel Shell-casing.gif




  • The name of the adventure is a play on the proverbial phrase "If at first you don't succeed try, try and try again".
  • The introductory text refers to a quote by Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back: "Do. Or do not. There is no try."