Retry, Retry Again (Naturalist)

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You try retry, figuring maybe the game will work itself out. Unfortunately, like that old Pete and RePete joke, you find yourself stuck in a perpetual loop. Apparently with this game there is no try, and there is no do. Only "not do" is an option. After about the twentieth retry, a different kind of "not do" breaks the monotony. The orange letters now read, "Hardware error: PC Error Fix."

Well, that's hardly useful. What hardware do you want to fix?

Bash the machine in a rage

Try to fix ... with extreme prejudice


If you chose Bash the machine in a rage:


<Player> SMASH!
You howl out in frustration. Nothing ever seems to work! Stupid machines! In a fit of anger, you start smashing the equipment around you, yelling about stupid electronics and their stupid habit of breaking. It's not your most heroic moment, but it feels good to vent some steam. Also, some of the really important components had some pretty heavy shielding, so it's something of a work-out, too. As was helping the techs clean up the mess you made. You gain X XP.


You get 1 Strength.

If you chose Try to fix ... with extreme prejudice:


Tab A Goes In Slot B, Or Else
You aren't quite sure what the problem is, but you're gonna fix this thing. Boy are you ever! You start rearranging things, swapping plugs, bashing on parts to force them into place, that sort of thing. It works on the computer back in your hideout, after all. Well. It sort of works. You aren't sure how well it's working here, but the techs quickly scramble and shove something into your hands before thanking you and ushering you out the door. Either you were really helpful, or they were trying to distract you with... ooo, shiny!

You got an item: claw tips Claw-tips.gif


You got an item: bonding glue Glue.gif


You got an item: bulky gloves Work-gloves.gif


You got an item: paint and template Spraypaint1.gif


You got an item: metal plating Palooka-joe.gif




  • The name of the adventure is a play on the proverbial phrase "If at first you don't succeed try, try and try again".
  • The introductory text refers to a quote by Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back: "Do. Or do not. There is no try."
  • The title of the first choice refers to "Hulk smash!"