Root beer float

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Item Number: 1186
Description ID: 7576687
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root beer float
Plural: root beer floats
How do you make a root beer float? You take away its lead weights, of course! Or you add ice cream.

Some places call this a black cow, or a brown cow. Or they make it with other soft drinks (ginger cows?). Regardless of how you make it or what you call it, this drink is smooth enough and tasty enough to make Frank J. Wisner proud.

Miscellaneous Item
Level Required: 6
Autosell value: 120
Contains sugar (4)

How Obtained

Using the command "float" in There's a Blog.Org for This with Boot Rear brand root beer in inventory.

When Consumed

It's hard to say whether the rich, creamy ice cream or the rich, smooth root beer is the tastier half of this combo. Why not just say it's a tie and focus on fishing out the last lump of ice cream with a spoon?

Clock-white.gif Bedtime: +42-58 minutes