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This template is to be used to specify and autocat modifiers on skills and effects. Only modifiers with more than one occurrence as a skill/effect will be added here, otherwise, use manual categorization.

It can be used to set:

Category format example yields
Category:Defense Modifiers {{effectmodifier|defense}} Increases defense
Category:Resist Elemental Damage {{effectmodifier|elementalres|fire|+10%}} +10% fire resistance
Category:Bonus Melee Damage and Category:Bonus Ranged Damage {{effectmodifier|weapondamage}} Increased weapon damage (scales with level)
{{effectmodifier|weapondamage|3x}} 3x weapon damage
Category:HP Regeneration {{effectmodifier|hpregen|+3}} +3 HP regen/turn
Category:Initiative Modifiers {{effectmodifier|initiative|+5}} +5 initiative
Category:Maximum HP {{effectmodifier|hp|+100%}} +100% maximum HP
Category:Intellect Modifiers {{effectmodifier|intellect|+10}} +10 intellect
Category:Reflexes Modifiers {{effectmodifier|reflexes|+10}} +10 reflexes
Category:Strength Modifiers {{effectmodifier|strength|+10}} +10 strength
Category:Dodging Ability {{effectmodifier|dodge|+3}} +3 dodge
Category:Bonus To Hit {{effectmodifier|tohit|+5}} +5 to-hit
Category:Foe Toughness {{modifier|toughness|+15}} +15 foe toughness
Category:Bonus Melee Damage {{modifier|meleedamage|+3}} +3 melee damage