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This template can be used to state resistances and weaknesses, both to elemental and to physical damage.

The first parameter states the type of resistance/weakness, or "none" if the foe is positively verified to have none. The second variable states the percentage of resistance (100 for total immunity). To state a weakness, a 3rd variable with a value of "+" must be added.

  • {{res|none}} - Verified to have no resistances or weaknesses.
  • {{res|fire|50}} - 50% resistant to fire damage.
  • {{res|ice|100}} - Immune to ice damage.
  • {{res|physical|10}} - 10% resistant to physical damage.
  • {{res|electric|25|+}} - 25% weak to electric damage.
  • {{res|all|100}} - Immune to all damage types.
  • {{res|mojo|50}} - 50% resistant to UNKNOWN ELEMENT:mojo.