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Would it be worthwhile to add a drop percentage field to this one? --Ch00k

I was looking for somewhere to put this- not that many people will read the talk page. I'm of the opinion we should abandon drop percentages. We cannot realistically give an actual percentage. All we can give is a subjective rate which isn't very constant for all players at all times, so it's best just to leave out percentages for now. - Satan

Fair enough. We've got an awful lot of enemy pages tagged as Under Construction that are clamoring for drop percentages. Should we start whittling that out as a reason for a page to be marked as Under Construction? Might give a less overwhelming list of pages that -really- need construction. --Ch00k

Seems we should put some kind of note on items. I mean, the platinum necklace drops more frequently from the archon than the zion's helm. Maybe add a note to items we think are "rare" or "uncommon" drops? Cristiona 22:24, 25 December 2007 (MST)

I suppose we could use the stereotypical c, u, r, omfgitdropped, system, lol. But yeah, it'd be worthwhile to do that for now, take care of percentages later if possible. - Satan

Why leave out percentages? I'm currently spading, and now that I am coming up with data I have no place to put it. True, there is currently very little data, but if we don't provide a place for it to go then no one will spade. And I know this is in beta, but data can still be gathered. Rykar 01:55, 19 November 2008 (MST)