Unnamed Adventure

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You come across a dark hole in the wall that leads to some other set of tunnels, apparently running beside the sewers but not part of them. A strange mist drifts out from the hole, and whiffs of it make you feel a little dizzy. What do you do?

Enter the Hole

Keep on Patrolling the Sewers


If you chose Enter the Hole:


You crawl through the hole in the sewer wall into some sort of dank and rusty maze. There's a strange rank and musty haze filling the air that makes you feel funny. You look around slowly, trying to get oriented, and ready yourself for adventure.

You gain an effect: Rank and Musty Daze (Added for 20 minutes.)

If you chose Keep on Patrolling the Sewers:

A random The neighborhood sewers encounter



  • This adventure actually has no name.
  • Once you have finished A Dank and Rusty Mystery, choosing the second option will also skip the next two occurrences of this adventure.