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12-31-11 The firecracker, fire bladder, and enerbun globule are now multi-usable.

12-28-11 Late December has arrived and it's time for another year of Wok talismans.

12-26-11 It's apparently still Christmas, because everyone got another Christmas gift today. Merry Still-Christmas!

12-25-11 Merry Christmas, Twilight!

12-19-11 A mysterious new power has crept into the class talismans.

12-11-11 A nonet of items from‎ the various crafting contests are now available.

12-10-11 Just got our first snow today. Did somebody say Snowday?

12-01-11 The Wok of Stars has a suite new item.

11-29-11 There are some backend changes for combat items and skills. Let me know if any problems crop up.

11-13-11 The Dank and Rusty Maze has gotten a bit of a revamp. There's a bit of discussion here if you're looking for a spoiler-free description of the changes.

11-09-11 New assembly items? You might say it's in the cards.

11-05-11 Added a couple features to the Mementonian that may interest collectors.

11-01-11 November's Item of the Month is now available in the Wok of Stars as they were in the times of yore!

10-31-11 Happy Halloween, everyone! And happy anniversary, Twilight. Candy for everyone!

The supply of subterranean creatures in the caves seems to be diminishing. There can't be that many left.

10-25-11 A mysterious cave has been discovered at Camp Camping Camp in the mountains. Time to go spelunking!

10-15-11 The Boston Stranglers are making their annual bid to disrupt the Fall Classic. It's up to you to take them out tonight, if you can!

10-06-11 For those who may missed the announcement on the forums, Kinak of Metroplexity fame will be taking over management of Twilight Heroes starting November 1.

10-01-11 October's item of the month has made an apparition in the wok. Appearance. Manifestation. Whatever.

09-29-11 October's item of the month is likely to be a day late. And as a reminder, September's is going to stick around through October as well.

09-27-11 Rollover on Tuesday the 27th will probably a bit longer than normal for maintenance. Expect at least 10 minutes. I don't want to jinx it by suggesting that's all it will take.

09-24-11 Wow, looks like Twilight City is being hammered by a heat wave. The dog days of summer must be here. (Also, one year of retcon! Woo!)

09-20-11 The level 12/13 quest should be available if you've completed NCI.

08-31-11 Thirty days hath September, but for each day the same Item of the Month.

08-28-11 There's a pentathlon of new sidekicks (yes, the proper unit for sidekicks really is the "athlon") out there, if you can find them.

08-21-11 That promised naturalist intrinsic has been put into place.

08-16-11 Three of the classes just got a second intrinsic skill. Naturalists will have to wait a couple of days. (Er, and apparently Gadgeteers now have 3, not 2.)

08-01-11 August's exclusive item of the month is available for all willing subscribers.

07-26-11 Due to scheduled adventures for Ryme on the 31st, the August Item of the Month won't come out until the 1st, probably afternoon or evening.

07-14-11 Photo contest winners announced, and it's not even the 15th yet!

07-04-11 Just over 24 hours left for the photo contest. There haven't been that many entries, and there's lots of zones, so there's still a good chance of winning if you enter.

06-30-11 Happy International Joke Day! Be sure to visit the convention center downtown for some free goodies before it closes at midnight.

06-30-11 Scutum? But I 'ardly even know 'im. Don't get the joke? That's okay, just visit the Wok of Stars for an explanatory Item of the Month.

06-29-11 PSA: special event at rollover. For varying definitions of "special." Or "event." Or that white space between "special" and "event."

06-19-11 The mountains have a new activity center. It was supposed to be part of a larger update, but we're going to do them in smaller stages.

03-43-00 Having the wrong date on an announcement is not "inventing time travel" and the sarcasm doesn't make me fix it any faster.

06-15-11 Captain Buzzkill was up to his old tricks again, but has been put back in his place.

05-31-11 Captain Buzzkill is up to his old tricks again!

06-05-11 TH is having an art/photography contest! Details on the forums.

05-31-11 Wok, meet Item of the Month. IotM, meet the Wok of Stars.

05-28-11 Gadgeteers just got their level 9 skill: aerodynamic vehicle.

05-28-11 If you transmogrify, the adrenaline rush is diminished until you pass your previous highest level.

05-27-11 That pesky King of Armageddon is coded. Sorry it took so long, wanted it to be special.

05-26-11 Ack! It's Heinous Sunday! All the villains are much more determined to get you today.

05-26-11 The naturalist charge/trample/maul skills no longer work with ranged weapons. (Boo!) However, the strength bonus to melee weapon damage is now 25% larger! (Yay!)

05-21-11 Combat sidekicks should now be able to act even if your opponent is stunned.

05-15-11 Made small improvements to the jester, as elaborated on the forums.

05-03-11 Foe resistances and weaknesses have been dramatically revamped. Details on the forums.

05-01-11 It's snowed for 5 hours today at Quirkz central, so let's call it a snow day in Twilight, shall we?.

05-01-11 The Item of the Monthe is available in Ye Olde Wok.

04-30-11 The Item of the Month is taking longer than anticipated. Should make it into the Wok sometime tomorrow.

04-28-11 In what will surely be known as "combat item Thursday" I have introduced a number of ... well, let's keep it a surprise, shall we?

04-24-11 Excitement is in the air. I can't see anything, but I can almost taste it. Can you feel it? Don't make me ask if you can smell it, hear?

04-15-11 Excitement is in the air. I can't see anything, but I can almost taste it.

04-12-11 Computer improvement! Code can be "decrypted" to convert it to other code.

04-01-11 Good news, everybody! I won the lottery. Free gold stars for everyone who logs in today.

03-31-11 April's rockin' item of the month is available in the Rock--er, Wok--of Stars.

03-27-11 The retcon leaderboards have been expanded, oh my!

03-26-11 Oh, no! The incorrigible Boston Stranglers are making trouble in the ballpark again!

03-17-11 The mall got a few upgrades today. Buy multiple from the search screen, limits, see what else you can find.

03-01-11 The belated item of the month has arrived, and balance has been restored to the Wok.

02-27-11 February is a short month, and I won't be around for the release, so the Item of the Month will come out roughly 24 hours later than normal.

02-21-11 Revamp to the protest zone. Quest flow is unchanged, but the zone is now more strategic!

02-13-11 One new skill apiece for elementals and gadgeteers, and adjustments for skill points to the naturalist and psion sidekick skills. Details on the forums.

02-04-11 Made some subtle tweaks to the Zion's tears building to add strategy to that part of the quest.

02-03-11 Hyde Park has two mysterious new areas to explore!

02-01-11 Snow day! I don't have one, but enough other people seem to be that I thought I'd share in the fun.

01-31-11 The inevitably pink February Item of the Month is available in the Wok of Stars.

01-28-11 One day only, the Battle of the Bands has broken out downtown in St. Anne Park.

01-28-11 Teaser: event with rollover tomorrow.

01-28-11 The next "Tea Time with Ryme" will be Friday, January 28 at 7:00 p.m. US Mountain time (roughly 1:10 before rollover), for a live Q&A session about the game. Details the forums.

01-15-11 A batch of wandering villains went in the other day.

01-01-11 Foe toughness modifiers now apply to scaling opponents.