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12-25-12 Merry Christmas, Twilight Heroes!

12-24-12 The new yearly talismans are available at the Wok of Stars.

12-23-12 If you have questions for Kinak, ask on the podcast thread.

12-21-12 Thunderbolts and lightning very, very... snowy?

12-13-12 Nocturne's shop now allows purchasing multiple items (with the normal limits).

12-13-12 A paradoxical new welding recipe is available.

12-12-12 Calmed the Orwhal down so its friends get a chance to rampage through the city.

12-08-12 There are now multiple threats to the city. Leagues will be called on once a day, although who can say what the threat will be until it emerges?

12-07-12 The Orwhal has some new friends. They even come with their own party supplies!

12-01-12 Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of... gyros?

11-01-12 Just in time for cold weather, the Wok of Stars is offering a new jacket.

11-01-12 Thanks to the prowess of Twilight's new Leagues, the ringleaders from LI Inc. are now safely behind bars.

10-31-12 Happy Halloween and Happy Anniversary, Twilight Heroes!

10-31-12 Also, a new item is for sale at the Criminology lab that you and your friends might find interesting.

10-29-12 Happy Hall... oh, it's not Halloween yet. Well, the Criminology lab lets you buy multiple items now instead.

10-24-12 Just because the city's under attack doesn't mean the Boston Stranglers are going to let the World Series pass them by!

10-14-12 LI Inc. may have discovered the source of the city's computer problems, a threat too large for any one hero to handle alone.

10-02-12 LI Inc. would like to remind Twilight that its new offices downtown are in no way responsible for the city's ongoing computer catastrophe.

10-01-12 The Wok of Stars has completed its monthly ceremony once more.

09-24-12 LI Inc. would like to remind Twilight that it's new offices downtown are in no way foreshadowing of a major catastrophe.

09-01-12 Back from the future comes a calculating visitor to the Wok of Stars.

08-28-12 With this heat, it was sure bet that any concert would turn into a real Battle of the Bands.

08-05-12 By popular demand, heads are now brickable.

08-01-12 *honk* *honk* Happy International Joke Day!

08-01-12 In unrelated news the Wok of Jokes has a new item that's full of Stars. Or... errr...

07-15-12 The horn of Zion has been reworked to fix some bugs and allow multiuse.

07-01-12 The Wok of Stars has a new tux that's more than meets the eye.

06-01-12 Fallen to Earth in an interplanar shipping container, there is a new delivery at the Wok of Stars.

05-22-12 Metalmorph now works with skill points and much much more.

05-01-12 The Wok of Stars is now offering a little fiery surprise with a big fiery surprise inside.

04-28-12 Item drop messages now give a little feedback when your modifiers made the difference.

04-15-12 Doing some behind-the-scenes work on usable items and their effects. Let me know if anything goes crazy.

04-04-12 Despite some initial confusion and three different breakout plans, the Boston Stranglers have escaped from prison and set up shop at Frank's Ballpark! Oh no! Not Opening Day!

04-02-12 I hope everybody had a great April Fool's day.

04-01-12 There isn't an April item in the Wok of Stars. Not one.

03-13-12 There is now an upper limit on how unlucky you can get on the capo key drop.

03-03-12 There have been requests for some forum-signature style banners. In unrelated news, check out the new banners.

03-01-12 Whew! Looks like we made it out of February alive... and got a new item in the Wok of Stars to boot.

02-29-12 Happy March! Wait, it's what? Uh oh.

02-25-12 Salt of the Earth, the long-awaited Level 16 Elemental skill, is now available. Also, Elemental and Psion spells can now critically hit. Enjoy!

02-12-12 You can now listen to February's podcast over here.

02-06-12 There's now a thread for all February's burning questions.

02-02-12 The Knights of Imaginative Metachronism have begun a new quest... probably just looking for a cup, but it might be worth poking around.

02-01-12 Look through the Wok for an item for looking through other items.

01-12-12 By popular demand, each character's first PvP match a day no longer costs time.

01-01-12 Check in at the Wok for some new cold-weather gear.