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12-30-14 The new yearly talismans are available in the Wok of Stars, but be warned. They're a bit different.

12-25-14 Merry Christmas, Twilight!

12-17-14 The Strange Eon Store has been upgraded with one last offering.

12-11-14 December's podcast is up for your listen-ing pleasure.

12-10-14 Some new bug fixes are up on the blog.

12-05-14 The questions thread is up for the next podcast.

12-04-14 Remember, the writing contest closes tomorrow.

12-01-14 The Wok of Stars has been waiting eons to show you this.

11-27-14 Set another place at the table. It's companions' day to shine!

11-20-14 Get beaten up in style! Check out the new writing contest in the forums.

11-17-14 Local forecasts suggest today may be the first snow of the season.

11-13-14 Made some updates to sidekick display. Let me know if anything gets weird.

11-09-14 Drove out some fall bugs.

11-02-14 Remember, international players, that Twilight is still influenced by the Daylight Saver.

11-01-14 The Wok of Stars has a quite different book this month, if your sidekick can decrypt its meaning.

10-31-14 Thanks to everyone who celebrated Twilight Heroes' 7th anniversary with us.

10-31-14 Happy Halloween! Enjoy all the hallows!

10-28-14 They might be dressed in baseball uniforms, but the villains at Frank's Ballpark aren't interested in trick or treating.

10-23-14 A new villain has risen from academia to threaten the city and leagues of Twilight!

10-14-14 Behold! League trophies now have images.

10-01-14 Learn the true meaning of fear at the Wok of Stars and try something a bit different in the heirloom derby.

10-01-14 Happy International Joke Day!

09-22-14 Gears. They're not just for breakfast anymore.

09-19-14 It turns out bugs don't go away just because it's getting colder. We need bug fixes for that.

09-01-14 I tried to come up with a pun for this month's item, but it ended up being a real stretch.

08-31-14 Kinak says "let them roll cake!"

08-26-14 The bands are battling the heat (and any stray superheroes) in St. Anne Park.

08-10-14 With summer comes bugs and with bugs come bug fixes.

08-01-14 We're living in a virtual world with some sweet goggles and a new heirloom derby.

07-10-14 I've got a fever and the only cure is more computers.

07-01-14 Celebrate 365.25 independence days at the Wok of Stars.

07-01-14 Check out Nocturne's for a new monthly contest!

06-20-14 Overhauled the Computer Lab and computers in general. Check the forums for details.

06-15-14 Beware the Ides of June.

06-01-14 Master the power of Yo at the Wok of Stars.

05-12-14 Some rollover problems. We're investigating, but things look okay for now.

05-05-14 Character profiles now list their favorite vegetables and heirlooms.

05-01-14 Armor? ATV? Try both with Blockees at the Wok of Stars.

04-30-14 Check out the new podcast for art, badges, art, genies, art, and items lost to the mists of time.

04-24-14 Another round of bug fixes and updates is up on the blog. Thanks, everyone!

04-23-14 There's a new podcast thread on the forums, so ask away.

04-17-14 By popular demand, added some bells and whistles to the new catalyzer queue.

04-16-14 You can now catalyze multiple copies of an item.

04-09-14 Looks like it's finally nice enough out for a Battle of the Bands.

04-06-14 Some April bug fixes are up on the blog.

04-01-14 Happy Shimmering Chaos Day!

04-01-14 Split the darkness with a little help from Floyd and the Wok of Stars.

03-31-14 Are you ready for some baseball?

03-30-14 Sorry for the outage. We're back up with some new hardware.

03-25-14 Unlock your starting weapons' hidden potential.

03-09-14 Remember that Twilight, for all its lawlessness, obeys Daylight Saving Time.

03-01-14 Reap the rewards of reckless self-promotion at the Wok of Stars.

02-15-14 Beware the Ides of February.

02-14-14 Happy Villaintine's Day!

02-10-14 February fixes are up on the devblog.

02-06-14 Just because it refuses to stop snowing doesn't mean you can let down your guard.

02-01-14 The Wok of Stars is entering the Jug of Aquarius. Or maybe the other way around.

01-08-14 Made some tweaks to the Galleria quest to reduce randomness and allow for a few different strategies.

01-01-14 January rings in the new year and a new item in the Wok of Stars.

01-01-14 Why does it always snow when you already have the day off?