Whimsical willow whisk

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Item Number: 2573
Description ID: 88400610
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whimsical willow whisk
Plural: whimsical willow whisks
Nobody takes whisks seriously enough, but that just means you can always take them by surprise. One minute, they're wondering why you've got a whisk and then BAM! whisked.

And, hey, if something still surprise you after nine years... it's gotta be doing pretty good, right?

2016 9-Year Anniversary Prize

Item cannot be traded or sold
Item cannot be auto-sold

+5 dodging ability

How Obtained

Gift item for TH's 9 year anniversary and was only awarded to people who logged in on Halloween 2016.
It arrived in a message that said:

Thanks for celebrating the ninth year of Twilight Heroes with us. Nine years and still so much stuff we can do together.
Here's to another year in Twilight!