Who Stalks the Stalkers

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1. Visiting Twilight Police Department after ??? gets you:

Rand looks up from a stack of papers, a cup of coffee cooling next to him. "You heard of this new School of Villainy in the University? Crazy stuff. City won't let us shut it down."

"But there's some good news with it too. Some of the kids from the school who got brought in had items like the Crash Brothers were distributing. This might be our chance to get at their supplier."

"You'll probably need to attract their attention. Either making it clear you're really looking for a fight or really looking to blend in, I guess."

This adds the following journal message:

You've learned of a new school within the university specializing in Villain Studies. Although this isn't illegal, the police are understandably concerned and would like you to investigate.

Time to beat some people up! Or, you know, talk to them nicely.

2a. Adventure in the School of Villainy while wearing a source of increased combat chance to find and defeat ?-5-8-? henchstalkers until you get Beat Around the Storeroom.

2b. Alternatively, adventure in the School of Villainy while wearing debate gavel, School of Villainy t-shirt, toothsome necklace, and a source of increased noncombat chance until you get Blending In.

In either case, this updates the journal entry to:

The School of Villainy's mysterious backers have been sending in shipments of talismans, perhaps from the same source as the Crash Brothers' camps and beneath Shiloh. You've learned where the next shipment should be dropped off.

3. Continue to patrol at the School of Villainy and defeat Sneak King. This updates the journal entry to:

You fought the messenger sent by the School of Villainy's mysterious backers, but all you caught was his shadow. Hopefully it can lead you to its owner somehow.

4. The rest of the quest is still in development