Yang Boulevard

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Yang Boulevard
Location: (Jekyll and) Hyde Park
Combat %: see notes
Foe XP range: 95-107
UR: Tsar Tsavorite
ID: 61

Combat Adventures

apprentice stalker

Item Drops: arm guards, dragon earrings, flash powder, ninja coupon, soft shoes, throwing star

Chip Drops: 86-139

Experience Gained: 107

black-market herbalist

Item Drops: ginseng supplement, green tea, powdered gingko

Chip Drops: 87-130

Experience Gained: 103

Health: >0

Dr. Park

Item Drops: Tsar Tsavorite

Experience Gained: 90

Notes: Ultra-rare

Han Dynasty-era warrior

Item Drops: chakram, strategist's fan, dumpling, Red Hex, bronze flute, miso soup

Chip Drops: 76-125

Experience Gained: 95

Health: <112

karate kitten

Item Drops: beau staff, tonfa, Tsun Su's War of Art, yellow bandana mask

Chip Drops: 84-143

Experience Gained: 111

Notes: Only appears when wearing a source of increased combat chances.

samurai street fighter

Item Drops: katana, Tales of the Mag-Wai, wakizashi

Chip Drops: 83-127

Experience Gained: 99

Health: <129

Noncombat Adventures

Practice Makes Better

  • Experience: 95-102 XP or 3 Reflexes or 3 Strength or 3 Intellect

Rain on Your Parade

San Amigos

The Te of Crate Smashing

  • Experience: 160-200 XP

Notes: Only happens when the text in Hyde Park says "somewhat/significantly/exceptionally busier on Teeter Street tonight."

To Catch a Thief

Notes: Choose one of peacock vase, serpent amulet, panther amulet, turtle amulet, herbal remedy

Static Villains


Item Drops: Vuvuzilla's xylophone


  • Combat chances depend on the following message displayed in Hyde Park:
Street activity seems equally busy in both neighborhoods tonight./Street activity seems somewhat/significantly/exceptionally busier on Boulevard/Teeter Street tonight.
  • This table shows the combat chances in Yang Boulevard and Teeter Street, assuming the above message mentions Yang Boulevard.
    If you change the order of the locations you get the chances if the message mentioned Teeter Street.
Busyness Yang Boulevard Teeter Street
Exceptionally 90% 10%
Significantly 75% 20%
Somewhat 55% 45%
Equally 50% 50%