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You try to abort the crashing program and everything goes ... weird. The screen starts swirling and you find yourself being sucked into the computer while strange, upbeat music starts playing.

Standing before you in the swirling landscape is a strange "person" with blue skin, a white stripe in his hair, wearing red spandex. He gasps as he sees you and loudly yells, "You're in the computer! Good for YOU!" His voice switches from its zany tone to one far more serious, "You have three choices, young hero. Choose wisely, lest you die!" He then laughs insanely and vanishes.

Um... okay?

Anyway, you see three doors in front of you. One has the image of a blue frisbee on it, the second has a green grid on it, and the third has a giant machine. Go ahead, take a pick.

Blue frisbee

Green grid

Giant machine


If you chose Blue frisbee:


Oh, So You're a Bit, Huh?
You step through the first door and suddenly find yourself in a strange motorcycle-like device. Before you have a chance to react, you're zooming across the, well, "ground" at something like the speed of light, straight at another similar motorcycle. You veer off at the last moment, now running parallel to the other motorcycle. You both zip along, trying to drive the other off the "road," but everything's moving so fast, you barely have time to think, let alone react.

Luckily, you're a superhero, so your mind is fast enough to know how to turn the super-cycle despite the breakneck speeds. You zip ahead of your opponent and pull a sharp turn in front of him, causing him to crash. You wake up back in the real world immediately afterwards with an incredible sense of oneness with the computer.

You get an effect: RoboTronic. (Added for 35 minutes.)

If you chose Green grid:


Layers Upon Layers
Stepping through the door, you find yourself in a 1920's style speakeasy, right in the middle of a swing dancing competition. Before you have a chance to get your bearings, someone runs up and drags you onto the dance floor, chastising you for being late.

You try really hard to keep up with your partner. Sadly, you might have superhuman reflexes, but you've never done the Lindy Hop in your life. You flail about on the dance floor before getting booed off. Your partner is absolutely furious with you. You try to explain that you aren't who you seem, but nothing you say seems to be right. Suddenly you start clawing at your head. You aren't sure why, but the room suddenly flashes and you're in a cold, sterile room, much like the VR Center downtown. I guess it was all a dream.

You decide to resume adventuring, but everything's wrong. You clearly aren't in Twilight. Clawing at your head again, and everything blurs yet again, and you're holding a high tech piece of equipment and you find yourself in what has to be the future. Before you can start freaking out, there's a flash and you're back in your own reality and your own time.

You think.

You get an effect: PKD'd. (Added for 35 minutes.)

If you chose Giant machine:


At Least It's Not Some Kind of Peace Quest
Stepping through the third door puts you at the base of some kind of gigantic machine. You walk around a little bit, looking it over and examining it. Eventually, you figure out that it's some kind of supercomputer. Well, sort of. It certainly seems inefficient. The power requirements must be massive. Honestly, it looks like something out of the Silver Age of superheroes.

You're sort of standing around, trying to figure out what to do next when you see Susan walk out of the front with strange, jerky steps. What the heck? Why does a supercomputer have a door? And what was Susan doing inside? And why is she walking funny and partly covered in silvery electronics? Why does any of this exist? This is crap!

You stand around sighing and wishing this stupid program would abort already when Susan starts charging (hobbling) towards you, clearly spoiling for a fight. Well, that figures. Since you don't want to hurt her too much, you just shove her aside and charge the supercomputer. Using your powerful fists, you bash up the computer something fierce. The strange vignette fades away as the supercomputer starts exploding. Finally.

You get an effect: Super, Man. (Added for 35 minutes.)



  • The actual name of this encounter is "*@[=g3,8d]\&fbb=-q]/hk%fg" (without the quotes).
  • Occurs when you choose "Abort" on Shall We Play A Game? (A.R.F.)