Bulky gloves

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Item Number: 1168
Description ID: 2407070
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bulky gloves
Plural: bulky gloves
These are pretty boring, as far as gloves go. They're thick and stiff and not very fancy. They're probably nice in the winter, but not much else.

Power: 3
Autosell value: 20

How Obtained


When Used

With bonding glue, claw tips, metal plating, and paint and template, which are lost in the process:

You apply your sense of naturalist physiology to the stack of items from the A.R.F. center. The bulky gloves bone is connected to the metal plating bone, the metal plating bone is connected to the claw tips bone, the claw tips bone is connected to the bonding glue bone, the bonding glue bone is connected to the paint and template bone ...

You got an item: badger gauntlets Badger-gauntlets.gif

Without the items:

You poke at the item, hoping some playful idea will come to you, but nothing does.


  • The use text refers to the traditional song Dem Bones.