Fra... Gee... Lee...?

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Turns out this virtual world is pretty darn sensitive. When you tried the abort the program, the whole world just shattered! And not in the cool way like you see in the movies where everything goes fractal and then you wake up in the real world. No, it's more like in that killer doll movie where they shattered a mirror above a bed and all those sharp shards came down like little missiles of death.

What I'm trying to say here is, think fast!



Happy feet!


If you chose Brains?:


Thinking Quickly
The world seems to slow down a little and your mind speeds up to a zillion miles an hour as you take in the swirling chaos around you. Thinking quickly, you notice a pattern behind the bedlam and realize that with a just a jump to the left, you'll be in the perfect place to avoid the maelstrom! That's using the old noggin! You can just ride this thing out.

You gain 1 intellect.

If you chose Brawn?:


<Player> ... SMASH!
When something wants to hurt you, you decide to hurt it back! You don't really have a foe to attack here, but you have the shards of... um... code? that are hurtling towards you like airborne mammals out of Pandemonium. You punch and kick like a madman, shattering the shards into harmless powder. It's slow going, but you manage to fight your way through and emerge unscathed.

You gain 1 strength.

If you chose Happy feet!:


Where Fashion Sits
As you watch the pieces of reality charge you like a freight train, you notice that it's not a wall so much as a bunch of shards. Actually, you know, there's some reasonably sized gaps between the pieces. You don't have time to slip on some spats or tap shoes, but you're able to bob and weave with the best of them. You flip and duck and generally look like a super thief dodging oddly placed laser beams protecting a jewel, but you have to admit that it's really useful. It's also kind of fun, once you get past the whole possible death angle.

You gain 1 reflexes.




  • "Where Fashion Sits" refers to the song Puttin' on the Ritz.
  • "Fra-Gee-Lee" refers to the movie A Christmas Story, in which Ralphie's father misreads "fragile" as an Italian word.
  • "Just a jump to the left" is a reference to the song "Time Warp" from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • The second result refers to "Hulk smash!"
  • "Airborne mammals out of pandemonium" is a reference to the proverbial "bat out of Hell".
  • The third choice refers to the movie Happy Feet.
  • A jewel thief dodging lasers is a reference to the movie Entrapment.