Impractical jokester

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impractical jokester

You are fighting an impractical jokester.

She's finds just about anything outrageously funny, but she's not particularly good at executing jokes because her plans are always so outrageous. They're also sometimes a little dangerous. You don't even want to know what she's planning to do with those roman candles.
Your opponent attacks ...

Hit messages:

  • She stabs you with a retracting knife. Only it doesn't retract completely. Joke's on you!
  • She positions a bucket so that when you approach the bucket tips and is supposed to drop paint on you. The bucket tips, and falls, hitting you in the head as well as coating you in paint. Joke's on you!
  • She hits you with a snowball that she's kept in the freezer since January. Joke's on you!

She hits you for X damage.

Critical hit message:

Your opponent has a critical hit! She hits you for X damage.

Miss messages:

  • She attacks, but you've tied her shoelaces together. Joke's on her!
  • She attacks but slips on a banana peel. Joke's on her!
  • She starts to attack, but you mime getting hit and falling down before she gets near you. Joke's on her!

Fumble messages:

Your foe fumbles! She takes X damage.

Victory! You beat up your foe and win the combat!

You gain <7*Level, max 300> experience.

You got an item: zillion-chip piece Z-chip.gif (Unspecified Drop rate)
You got an item: Brad energy drink Brad.gif (Unspecified Drop rate)

Known resistances/weaknesses

Verified to have no resistances or weaknesses.



  • The third hit message contains a reference to this Calvin and Hobbes comic.