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Only you can prevent forest fires, car fires, and arson.

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Twilight Heroes is a free, browser-based superhero RPG.
It is currently in Perpetual Open Gamma; information is subject to change.

Game Basics
Gear and Equipment
City of Twilight
Game Updates

May 7: Added another way to get memory tubes for the casino quest.

May 1 The Wok of Star[sic] calls for aid. Well, it's more calling for stars to help you call for aid. But you get the idea.

April 12 Today, a chocolate bunny has brought eggs and crafting recipes for all the heroes of Twilight.

April 1 Happy April! I'm sure nothing strange is happening today.

April 1 It's business time at the Wok of Stars.


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04-03-11 - Sorry about the extended April Fools "joke". It was a case of = vs ==.

02-06-11 - There is currently a problem with uploading images to the wiki.

09-13-10 - The wiki has successfully been moved. Please report any problems to thwiki at Thank you for your cooperation.

09-12-10 - The wiki is being moved to a new server. Please do not upload any images and avoid major edits. The site address will stay the same, it's just new hardware and a new IP.


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