Reinforced boots

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Item Number: 1180
Description ID: 8935342
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reinforced boots
Plural: pairs of reinforced boots
These are kind of like if hiking boots and steel-toed boots had a child together. In other words, they're thick, uncomfortable, and chunky looking.

Power: 3
Autosell value: 20

How Obtained


When Used

With box of mini rockets, insulation, micronized guidance system, and ultra-condensed fuel, which are lost in the process:

You pick up the reinforced boots, and your gadget sense starts tingling. Creative whimsy causes you to add the insulation, strap on a box of mini rockets, fill them with ultra-condensed fuel, and coordinate it all with a micronized guidance system. Creative whimsy or the absolute certitude that everything is better when it's also a rocket.

You got an item: rocket boots Rocket-boots.gif

Without the items:

You look over the pile of A.R.F. goods that might go with this thing, but it's just not coming together for you.