Retry, Retry Again (Psion)

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You try retry, figuring maybe the game will work itself out. Unfortunately, like that old Pete and RePete joke, you find yourself stuck in a perpetual loop. Apparently with this game there is no try, and there is no do. Only "not do" is an option. After about the twentieth retry, a different kind of "not do" breaks the monotony. The orange letters now read, "Hardware error: PC Error Fix."

Well, that's hardly useful. What hardware do you want to fix?

Try to mind-meld with the machine

Stammer uselessly at the techs


If you chose Try to mind-meld with the machine:


You and Bobby McGee
...assuming that Bobby McGee is code for "computer." Computers really aren't your thing, but you decide to see if you can manage some kind of link between the machine and yourself. You reach out with your mind, hunting for some sign of intelligence deep inside all the components and such. It seems this computer is just too advanced (or too broken) for you to connect with. It's tiring, but pretty good practice on the off chance you run into robotic foes. You gain X XP.


You gain 1 intellect.

If you chose Stammer uselessly at the techs:


My Cup-holder Broke
After everything crashes down around you, you head to one of the techs and start telling them what went wrong so they can fix it. Well, that was your original plan, at least. Sadly, you're pretty clueless about these things, so you just kind of yammer like fool. Okay, maybe that's a bit mean, let's say you yammer like a noob. You really only manage to confuse the techs who tell you they'll "get right on that," and hand you something from behind the counter. You're pretty sure it's just to shut you up, but still, it could be useful.

You got an item: bland sword Cranky-bastard-sword.gif


You got an item: gold leaf Gold-leaf.gif


You got an item: metal etching set Calligraphy-kit.gif


You got an item: mounting hardware Mounting-hardware.gif


You got an item: resonant crystals Crystal.gif




  • The name of the adventure is a play on the proverbial phrase "If at first you don't succeed try, try and try again".
  • The introductory text refers to a quote by Yoda in The Empire Strikes Back: "Do. Or do not. There is no try."
  • The first choice result refers to the song "Me and Bobby McGee".
  • The name of the result for the second choice refers to an urban legend about a user calling the helpdesk after using their CD ROM drive as a coffee cup holder and breaking it.