Shall We Play A Game? (A.R.F.)

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You hand in one of your free passes and climb into the VR device.

The VR world appears before your eyes, with the glowing letters A.R.F. hovering above a grassy field, with one lone tree breaking the expanse of green. An obnoxiously cute little puppy trots over the crest of the hill and barks at you, letting out a little "Arf!" and wagging its tail enthusiastically. A disembodied computerized voice speaks into your ear, "Shall we play a game?" Below the A.R.F. title, the words "yes" and "no" appear. Figuring it would be a waste of time to pick anything else, you say "yes." The game responds by displaying the word "loading." Then there's a pause, a clicking sound, and a burst of visual and audio static. The entire world flickers and goes dark. In the emptiness a grainy orange cursor appears, printing out the words:

An error occurred because an error occurred.


Cannot happen has happened.


Error of type <type>


Error on port <port>


Guru meditation: [<code>]


Kernel panic. You look for the "Calm down, man, take it easy" key, but can't find one.


The operating system has encountered the following error: operation completed successfully.


You should never see this. You're not supposed to be here.


Warp core dump. Warp core? Funny, you didn't know you were flying the Enterprise.

That is followed by: Abort, Retry, Fail?

Nothing else happens. Seems you're going to have to pick one of them.





If you chose Abort:

Cycles through the following:

If you chose Retry:

Class dependent:

If you chose Fail:

There's a Blog.Org for This



  • Meditation codes always start with "f", followed by a digit, followed by a seemingly random sequence of 2-7 digits and letters. See talk page for examples.
  • Error types are numbers, either negative or positive. See talk page for examples.
  • Ports are positive numbers. See talk page for examples.


  • A warp core is a component of the warp drive method of propulsion in the Star Trek universe.
  • "Shall we play a game" is a reference to the movie WarGames.