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* Occurs in [[The Depths of Space]] with [[Byakhee]] as companion (?)
* Occurs in [[The Depths of Space]] with [[Byakhee]] as companion.

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Steering your clock through space, your byakhee guides you towards the edge of the galaxy. You follow on a whim, mostly to see what's out there. If restaurants go at the edge of the universe, maybe there's a Stop-N-Shop at the end of the galaxy.

Much to your surprise, you actually find a woman. She's just out there. Floating. She also looks mildly bored. Taking a closer look, you can see that she's wearing a costume that's a couple decades out of style. The existence of a costume makes sense as normal people don't generally hover out in space.

After wracking your memory a little, you realize that this must be Galaxy Girl. You had always assumed those stories were just from the fevered imagination of some unpaid writer who came up with this stuff in her spare time. Who knew that she actually was out here waiting for the universe to end?

Man. That's kind of a bummer.

She finally notices you and can see the directions your thoughts are going. She just shrugs a little and hands you a tiny bottle on a chain full of swirling cosmic dust. She then turns back to watching the stars while expertly ignoring you.

You look at the bottle and wonder if you'd like to try a taste of immortality.

You got an item: Galaxy Gal's nebula Galaxygalbottle.gif