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12-28-13 On the fourth day of Christmas, the Wok of Stars gave to me four new talismans.

12-27-13 Thanks to everyone who reported bugs in November and December.

12-25-13 Merry Christmas, Twilight!

12-19-13 Sorry for the long rollover, everything should be running now. We're investigating to see where that broke down.

12-18-13 Updates should be done, let me know if it's still causing any problems.

12-16-13 I'll be doing some server updates this week. There should just be a few short outages, but you know how these things go.

12-13-13 Fresh out of prison and sick of holiday cheer, Captain Buzzkill has taken up residence in St. Anne Park downtown.

12-07-13 That cold wind might have blown something more than just a snowstorm into Twilight.

12-01-13 Join the Wok of Stars in celebrating ancient holiday traditions by setting things on fire.

11-25-13 November's podcast is up now.

11-18-13 Ask your questions for the November podcast on the forums.

11-13-13 Snow? C'mon, it's barely November!

11-04-13 Anna Conda might have some competition after this writing contest in the forums.

11-03-13 If you're waiting for rollover tonight and it seems late, remember it's Daylight Saving Time in Twilight.

11-01-13 Unlock the awesome power of awful movies at the Wok of Stars.

10-31-13 Unlock the power of terrible movies at the Wok of Stars. (Rolling out early. The Costunomicon will leave sometime tomorrow.)

10-31-13 Happy Halloween and Happy 6th Anniversary, Twilight!

10-28-13 My thanks to everyone who helped improve the game recently.

10-26-13 Greetings, people of Erf.

10-25-13 Heroes and villains alike have learned some new tricks with Openings and effects on critical hits.

10-23-13 The nefarious Boston Stranglers are at it again, disrupting the World Series.

10-11-13 The Twilight Heroes podcasts now have a permanent home on the Metroplexity Games site. Also, there's now a Metroplexity Games site.

10-10-13 If you can read this, you're on an updated homepage.

10-03-13 Like magic, the podcast thread has evolved into a podcast.

10-01-13 Make your foes dress their best with the new item in the Wok of Stars.

09-30-13 The game now displays your total delevel effects in combat.

09-26-13 A new podcast thread is up in the forums. Remember to message Kinak in-game if you need your forum account activated.

09-24-13 Added two small new features to help you flex your League's Prestige.

09-14-13 A new sidequest is now hiding inside the Heavy Industry District.

09-01-13 Help your sidekicks walk the path of Expendable Lad with a little help from the Wok of Stars.

09-01-13 Happy International Joke Day!

08-31-13 Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me...

08-10-13 Further research in ionic science proves that two ions are better than one.

08-06-13 In a blast from the past, the Subscriber's Exclusive Jacket store now sells items in bulk.

08-01-13 There's an exciting (and totally legal) new invention available in the Wok of Stars.

07-31-13 Exciting new vegetables are available in game, for values of "exciting" that include vegetables.

07-31-13 It's Vegetablemas! Like Christmas... but with vegetables.

07-19-13 Strange new discoveries can be made in the ionic sciences.

07-19-13 You can now only get so unlucky with VIP guests not carrying swipe cards.

07-11-13 It's not the heat, it's the... wait, nevermind, it's the heat.

07-01-13 Instant goats are now available from the Wok of Stars. Just add water.

06-24-13 Everyone got a bonus rollover today. Don't worry, it won't count against your run length.

06-03-13 Added some more options to get past Mr. Idas's employees.

06-01-13 Another sun was just added to the Wok of Stars.

05-31-13 Items with limited daily uses now display their remaining charges in their descriptions.

05-01-13 A multi-faceted new sidekick is available from the Wok of Stars.

04-12-13 By popular demand, you can also start retcons with one pull total.

04-11-13 You can now start retcons with a single daily pull.

04-04-13 The crafting recipes from March's crafting contest are now in the game, with a few tweaks. Happy crafting!

04-01-13 Happy Easter!

04-01-13 Paint your way to success with a little help from the Wok of Stars.

03-30-13 March's podcast thread is now answered in March's podcast. Surprise!

03-28-13 The Boston Stranglers have broken out of jail to celebrate a wonderful game of Frayday night baseball.

03-26-13 The march of the Mole People has begun. Leagues beware!

03-21-13 A new podcast thread is available for your questions.

03-10-13 Remember DST is springing forward tonight.

03-06-13 There's a new crafting contest starting on the forums.

03-01-13 A new item has dropped into the Wok of Stars.

02-14-13 Happy Villaintine's Day!

02-10-13 Skill, Catalyze thyself!

02-01-13 Get ready for Villaintine's Day early this year at the Wok of Stars.

01-27-13 You can now save and re-equip outfits in the "Wear Things" page.

01-11-13 As part of the server move, rollover moved from 11:10 to 11:00. Big changes, I know.

01-10-13 If you're seeing this, you're on the new server. Woo! Everything should be good, but let me know if there are any issues.

01-09-13 We should be moving servers next rollover, so it may be longer than usual.

01-02-13 A new podcast based on this thread is now available.

01-01-13 Just rolled out January's Wok item while literally flying. I love living in the future.

01-01-13 Happy New Year!