Fahrenheit 4 - 5.1

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Item Number: 844
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Fahrenheit 4 - 5.1
Plural: copies of Fahrenheit 4 - 5.1
In certain circles, this is known as the manual on ice sculpting. Quirkily named after the ideal ambient temperature for maintaining ice sculptures (roughly halfway between zero and ten degrees, on the American scale), this in-depth book will teach anyone (and by anyone, we mean your sidekick) what it takes to create breathtaking (and breath-frosting) works of art.

This item is consumed when used.

August 2009 Item of the Month

Miscellaneous Item
Item cannot be auto-sold

Gives your sidekick understudy a new skill.

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars

When Used

First time:
Your understudy slowly flips through the pages of the manual, working on the examples along the way. Progressing from easiest to hardest, you watch your sidekick sculpt an ice cube, then an ice T, then an ice 9, and finally from another piece of vanilla ice they make an impressive ice baby. At that point there's nothing more to learn from the manual, which is a good thing because it's also made of ice and all the pages have melted together. (gives access to the Ice sculptor sidekick)

Subsequent times:
Your understudy already knows this book inside and out. There's no need to have them look it over again.

During the Cat and Mick-y Mouse Game quest:
Your kidnapped sidekick isn't available for training right now. The whole being kidnapped thing, you know.


  • When bought: The shopkeeper takes your 10 silver stars, and hands you a frost-blue book, titled Fahrenheit 4 - 5.1.
  • Item is not used up on subsequent tries to use it.
  • This item can be used before full-time sidekicks are available. However, the sidekick itself is not usable until full-time sidekicks become available.


  • This item references the novel Fahrenheit 451 by popular SF-author Ray Bradbury.
  • The above novel's title references the burning point of book paper, while the item references an ideal ambient temperature for ice. The dissimilarity is striking.
  • The use message references rapper and actor Ice-T, fictional material Ice-nine, rapper Vanilla Ice and his song Ice Ice Baby. Arguably, due to the rapper connection, it might also refer to rapper Ice Cube, or this might just be a literal ice cube.

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Fahrenheit 4 - 5.1
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