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Item Number: 1575
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Axe Hero™ guitar
Plural: Axe Hero™ guitars
Are you ready to rock? I said, are you ready to rock?!

Welcome to the world of viking metal, my friend. This gigantic guitar in the shape of a headsman's axe is all you need to shred some chords, be they musical or, well, spinal. This baby has it all, even a built in speaker so you can jam to your heart's content while going out on your adventures.

So rock on, my babies and remember: Twilight audiences are the greatest audiences!

April 2011 Item of the Month

Melee weapon (Slashing, large)
Power: 100
Item cannot be auto-sold
Item cannot be worn in runs with a 'no pulls' restriction

Provides a guitar-heavy soundtrack of theme music for your hero. [Disclaimer: music not audible to players.]

How Obtained

The Wok of Stars


At the beginning of combat, you will receive one of the following:

Music.gif Because your day is night alone, and you feel like letting go, your axe bursts into the music for Brainwave's "Everyvillain Hurts." So hold on, hold on, because every villain hurts, sometimes ...

Music.gif You feel a hot wind on your elbow, as you face this nasty fellow. You hear the walking of the villain, crime gives you that funny feelin'. Your axe is playin' - whoah - "Twilight Radio," by Ball of Hoodoo.

Music.gif Your axe plays the Atlantis Morrisey tune "Hand in Their Pocket" for the duration of the encounter. You're broke and you're not happy, you're poor and you mind. Put your hand in their pocket, and see what you find. What it all comes down to, is that everything's gonna be quite alright, because you've got one hand in their pocket, and the other hand is stuffing loot in your backpack.

Music.gif At the start of the fight your axe rips into the Gregarious Undead's "Friend of the Hero." It sets out runnin but it takes its time, while your sidekick sings the lines: "If I stop crime before daylight, I just might find some peeeeeace toniiii-ight."

Music.gif Your axe kicks off a rendition of "Money for Nothing and Your Chips for Free." That's the way you do it, you play the hero on the Twilight street. Wailin' on the villains like a chimpanzee.

Music.gif Like a distant smokestack on the horizon, your axe strums the muffled, uneasy notes of Purple Flynn's "Uncomfortably Numb." Your opponent asks you to show them where it hurts, and you wisely refuse-that'll make it harder for them to hurt you.

Music.gif Like poetry in music, with a flash of harmony, your axe begins to play "She Blinded Me with Violence" from Einstein-Bose Condensate. Your opponent had better look out, or you'll blind them with violence, and stun them with this machinery.

At the start of the fight your axe strums the lines to the classic hero song, "Should I Fight or Should I Go?" It's so catchy your opponent can't help but sing along, looking at you meaningfully every time the chorus comes up. Clearly this indecision's bugging them, you'd better come on and let them know.

Go: There Will Be Trouble

Stay: It Will Be Double

At the end of combat:

Music.gif You hear the first few notes of Jen Melonball's "Hurts So Bad" coming from the axe, but sometimes a fight ends like it should, so you put the brakes on the instrument.

Music.gif It must be two-song Tuesday because your combat ends the double set with a rendition of "Man It's So Loud Out Here" by He's No Cyclops.

Music.gif As the fight wraps up your instrument hits a few notes from another song you recognize but can't remember the name. But you're reassured to hear "You want it all but you can have it" in the background.

Music.gif As the fight wraps up your axe tries to carry on over to a more mellow "I've Got a Friend" by Tames Jailor, but winter, spring, summer, or fall, it's not loud enough to keep you going in a fight so you skip the tune.

Music.gif Somewhere in mid-fight the song must have ended, because now you're hearing the final notes of the classic "Hero You're a Rich Man" from the Beatless. How does it feel? It feels good, actually.

Music.gifSo pure in thought and word and deed, but you didn't quite succeed. You're ready to turn over a new leaf... right after you rest. You gain 3 XP.


  • When bought: You hand the shopkeep 10 silver stars for one heroic-looking axe. Guitar. Whatever.
  • The rendition of the name is Axe HeroTM guitar in most places, but in combat it will be shown as Axe Hero(TM) guitar.
  • When you hear "Everyvillain Hurts"/"Hurts So Bad" you delevel your opponent on a successful hit.
  • When you hear "Twilight Radio"/"Man It's So Loud Out Here" you get 8 bonus sonic damage.
  • When you hear "Hand in Their Pocket"/"You want it all but you can have it" you get an increase in item drops.
  • When you hear "Friend of the Hero"/"I've Got a Friend" you gain an increase in sidekick effectiveness.
  • When you hear "Money for Nothing and Your Chips for Free"/"Hero You're a Rich Man" you get an increase in chip drops.
  • When you hear "Uncomfortably Numb" you get an increase in damage absorption.
  • When you hear "She Blinded Me with Violence" you get a chance to stun.
  • Choosing Go does not consume time:
You decide you'd rather skedaddle. There's a tiny bit of scuffle as you have to dodge past your wary opponent, but you escape pretty quickly, with minimal harm. You lose 2 - 8 HP. You gain (20 - 30)+ 4*Level XP. Capped at 100XP.
  • Choosing Go at the NCI Live building will clear the space, the same as defeating the original foe.
  • Choosing Stay adds foe toughness to the fight, resulting in more XP at the end of the fight:
You decide to commit to the fight, but after all that time your opponent has become extra prepared for the clash. It's going to be a tough one. +2*Level FT, capped at 30FT


Item of the Month
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April 2011
Axe Hero™ guitar
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