Bag of rubble

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Item Number: 899
Description ID: 7165918
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bag of rubble
Plural: bags of rubble
You're not sure why you grabbed this strange bag of rubble from Knight, as opposed to his sword, but you're sure there is a very witty and humorous reason for doing so. One that makes you chuckle every time you think about it. Your personal favorite reason is that this bag contains the shattered remains of the legendary Wall Number Four. Regardless, you can chuck these pieces at your foes and make them remember the rock fights of their youth.

Ranged weapon (Archaic blunt)
Power: 100
Level Required: 12
Item cannot be auto-sold

+10 psychic damage
+3 foe toughness.
+1 extra ranged attack(s) per turn.

How Obtained

Camp Training Camp