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bass bot

You are fighting bass bot.

Ooh! I think I smell a bot! A bass bot! You have stumbled upon the bass bot's lair, and there's no arguing about it, he's decidedly ticked.
Your opponent attacks ...

Hit messages:

  • He calls in some beefy (uh, fishy?) gas bards--er, bass guards--who teach a lesson. The lesson? Don't mess with the bass bot.
  • Two robotic arms extend from the side of the fish. It produces an instrument from somewhere and proceeds to play bass guitar. Not so bad, but for the finale it smashes the guitar--against you.
  • The fish slaps you across the face with its tail, challenging you to a duel. When you refuse to take the bait, it slaps you repeatedly.

It hits you for X damage.

Critical hit message:

Your opponent has a critical hit! It hits you for X damage.

Miss messages:

  • The bass tries to assault you, but it's a freshwater fish and can't handle the salt.
  • It tries to rough you up, but it's a bass bot, not a roughy bot.
  • It tries to lay down the smack and beat you up, but it bass-awkwards-ly lays down some beats instead.

Fumble messages:

Your foe fumbles! It takes X damage.

Victory! You beat up your foe and win the combat!

You gain (scales by stats) experience.

You got an item: enerbun globule Enerbun-globule.gif (49.2 ± 1.1%)
You got an item: Aquasson logo Aquasson-logo.gif (4.7 ± 0.5%)
You got an item: mona lisa drivetrain Drivetrain.gif (4.7 ± 0.5%)

Known resistances/weaknesses

Verified to have no resistances or weaknesses.


Robot.gif This enemy is a robot with an electronic brain.