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<Chalkboard title> (DNE)

Maximum of 2000 character text

<Author> <timestamp>

League leaders can spend Prestige to get more chalkboards, but you're not a League leader.

If you're a leader, instead of the previous line it displays:

You could get another chalkboard from the city, but it'd cost 10 Prestige (you have X available currently).
Get Another Now (10 Prestige)

Back to the Lobby


  • The DNE tag is optional and makes it so that only league leaders can edit the text in that chalkboard.
  • You get the following message when buying a chalkboard:

You use some of your league's Prestige convincing the city to renovate an inner-city school. And, when they're done, they end up having a leftover chalkboard.

Who says good deeds don't pay off?