Diamond Dagger of Derring-Do

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Item Number: 1330
Description ID: 1160563
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Diamond Dagger of Derring-Do
Plural: Diamond Daggers of Derring-Do
Any fool can feel brave when they're waving about a savage cutlass, or wielding a massive hand cannon, or piloting a Giant Mecha. Being brave when only holding a small dagger is something that takes real guts. You may think you look silly, but everyone will be impressed when you charge into battle, getting up close and personal with nothing more than a small blade, slashing and bounding like a hyperactive pixie.

Melee weapon (Slashing, small)
Power: 120
Level Required: 10
Autosell value: 200

+2% XP per turn
+5% weapon damage

How Obtained

hint giver